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12th March 2020 – Hindsight in 2020
a look back on my financial progress over the past 2 years

20th June 2019 – Portfolio Update
a long overdue update on the previous year’s investments

14th February 2019 – Equity Builder
an analysis of NAB’s Equity Builder investment loan facility

13th December 2018 – Borrowing to Invest
a book review and some rambling about leverage

10th November 2018 – Whitefield & SelfWealth
our recent purchase of WHF shares, and reducing our brokerage costs

7th October 2018 – Spaceship Voyager
an unauthorised review of the investing app

14th September 2018 – Portfolio Update
a rundown of the newest acquisitions in my share portfolio

5th September 2018 – Dividend Substitution Share Plan
a detailed look into whether a DSSP might be right for you

14th August 2018 – Financial Goals
my 1 year plan, 7 year plan, and beyond

14th July 2018 – Popular Delusions
a review of Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds

1st July 2018 – The Vanguard Myth
a deconstruction of the popular myth of Vanguard’s ownership structure

24th June 2018 – Bank Accounts
a look at all of the bank accounts my wife and I are using

9th June 2018 – Speculative Stocks
a snapshot of our milk, weed, and lithium shares portfolio

3rd June 2018 – Portfolio Snapshot
a snapshot of the diversified LICs and ETFs in our portfolio

1st June 2018 – Barefoot Investor
a review of The Barefoot Investor

27th May 2018 – The Journey Begins
the start of this chronicle of my quest to achieve financial independence

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